Town of Midway

General Information

As a town, we ask that you place your container(s) by the curb side the night before your pick-up day. Your waste and recyclables will be picked up on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in our supplied NDGS, Inc. 98 gallon container and 18 gallon recycling bin. Our drivers leave daily, before 6:00 a.m. to begin each route. Please leave your container(s) by the curb side until at least 6:00 p.m. to guarantee your pick up in case a route is held up for any reason.

DISCLAIMER: Not every house on every road is considered in the town.

Monday Collection

Another Way
Baxter Road
Briarcreek Road
Briaridge Court
Brookdale Drive
Blazing Trail
B & B Trial
Bradbury Place
Bobby Willard Road
Craver Drive
Cliff Ridge
Canterbury Drive
Dixieannea Drive
Drew Lane
Lover Road
Dublin Drive
Eastwood Road
Eastwood Drive
Farmstead Road
Gardner Court
Gumtree Road
Hunterview Court
Hayes Road
Huntfield Drive
Hillendale Drive
Knoll Road
Knoxwood Road
Kinder Road
Landscape Lane
Lee Street
Livengood Road
Linville Lane
Midbrook Run
Maloy Dirve
Midway School Road
Meadow Trail
Norman Shoaf Road
North Lee Street
Old Thomasville Road
O’farrell Street
Old Us Highway 52     (9519-9971)
Old Aok Court
Old Lexington Road
Oaks Court
Pam Drive
Rgb Drive
Ralph Miller Road
Rockaway Drive
Ridgeview Drive
Spry Road
Shady Road
Shady Court
Shoaf Drive
Tom Livengood Road
Thomas-Mock Road
Wildberry Court
Watkins Road
West Lane
3 R’s Gumtree Road

Tuesday Collection

Bramton Court
Clara Tom Drive
Clay Drive
Crescent Court
Cale Bradley Court
Christine Court
David Smith Road
Eller Road
Edgewood Lane
Fieldstone Drive
Frances Lane
Fred Sink Road
Gordon Drive
Helms Road
Hartman Road
Havenwood Drive
Holton Drive
Hickory Tree Road
Lake Street
Little Pond Road
Lori Lane
Laurel Court
Mason Knoll Drive
Meado Lee Lane
Midpines Drive
Northwind Drive
N Payne Road
Old Us Highway 52  (10041-10959)
Pin Oak Drive
Payne Road
Saw Tooth Trail
Sinkland Drive
Steelman Lane
Tara Gail Lane
Tower Circle
Wildwood Lane
Woodwind Drive
Woodfield Drive
Willow Ridge Lane
Windemere Court
West Drive
Woods Lane
Wood Court
Zane Drive

Wednesday Collection

Bent Oak Drive
Countyline Road
Country Lane
Chinaberry Lane
Dove Drive
Dixieclub Road
Davis Street
Dogwood Drive
East Eller Road
Elm Lane
Evergreen Drive
Fallensbee Road
Gail Lane
Golden Acorn Court
Garden Valley Drive
Gumtree Road
Grace Lane
Hebron Church Road
Hebron Lane
Hudson Road
Jefferson Ave
Jones Drive
Ju-Lenor Drive
Kanah Drive
Kanah Court
Long Street
Loblolly Lane
Miracle Crossing
Noralin Drive
Old US Highway 52   (11166-13087)
Palace Drive
Paint Horse Trail
Quail Drive
Richard Drive
Rosemary Drive
Saura Lane
Stephen Blvd
Scottie Lane Circle
Shady Lane
Terrie Drive
Tro-Tod Drive
Wind Drift Street
Woodtree Lane

All trucks are radio-dispatched, if your waste and recycling is not out when they come by, it will be radioed back to the office. There will be a $20.00 service fee if they have to return. Please remember it is your responsibility to have it out on time.

Each residence is allowed the ONE 98 gallon NDGS, Inc.-provided container for household waste. This is included in the town fees and there is a 98 gallon limit per week, per household. Any waste that is not inside the container is considered extra it will be left behind. To have any extra waste collected (other than the 98 gallons), the Town Manager must approve it first. You may call Town Hall at 336.764.5455 to get approval on any one-time extra waste collection.

Additional 98 gallon waste containers are available for a monthly fee if the one 98 gallon container is not enough. If additional 18 gallon recycling bins are needed, please request them by calling the office. ALL containers are property of NDGS, Inc. If you move from the Town of Midway, we require you leave the container at your home. Please do not share your service with neighbors or friends.

Special Service

Any resident who needs assistance in garbage and recycling collection at the house side, rather than curb side, is required to provide documentation from a doctor expressing the physical need for the resident to have their garbage and recycling picked up at their home. *Without this documentation, house side collection can not be provided. Contact us to discuss your needs.

*If this service is already provided for you, and you are not physically disabled, a doctor’s note will still be needed for us to continue the service.

Bulk Items & E-Cycling

If you have more than our 98 gallon limit of waste or have bulk item(s) you would like to discard, you MUST call the office in advance to have it picked up. These pick-ups are separately priced and are quoted on a case by case basis. We can collect e-cyclables and large items for a small fee of $20.00. We also have a FREE public drop-off at our new facility if you would rather bring us the item(s). Please call the office if you plan to bring an item to us to make sure we will accept it. See our drop-off location below.


Your recycling will be picked up at a different time than your garbage, but on the same day. We provide up to two 18 gallon bins for your use. If the two bins are not enough, you have the option to buy your own recycling container and CLEARLY label it for our employees to see. It must be legible from 20 feet away and say “RECYCLING” in at least 3 inch tall letters. Or, we can provide recycling stickers upon request. Please contact our office to request stickers.

Accepted Materials

  • Any paper products (shredded paper­—only if it is in clear bags)
  • Any food and beverage cartons {pictured}
    AsepticCartons(such as milk cartons—dairy, soy and almond, juice, soup, broth, wine)
  • Any aluminum cans
  • Any plastic containers
  • Any glass bottles
  • Any metal Cardboard (if large, please break down and sit under or beside bin)
  • Aerosol cans can be taken if they are empty and do NOT contain the orange hazard symbol
  • Magazines and phone books
  • Junk mail
NOTE: Anything you wish to recycle, PLEASE RINSE OUT AND REMOVE ALL LIDS. Please stack papers underneath bottles, cans, etc. to prevent light recyclables from exiting the bin.

UNaccepted Materials

  • Styrofoam plates/cups
  • Food waste and residue
  • Loose, shredded paper (see above)
  • Liquids
  • Hazardous products (baby diapers, rest room waste, etc.)

Holiday Schedule

Our service operates Monday through Friday and every holiday with the exception of Christmas Day. If Christmas Day falls during a weekday, service will be rescheduled for the following day, resulting in service operation on a Saturday. Some holidays the office only will be closed. For inclement weather, please call the office at 336.731.4025 or go to our facebook page for timely updates at

Other UNaccepted Waste

Items that we CANNOT take in our waste removal service are listed below. If an item is not listed below and is in question, please feel free to call our office at 336.731.4025.

  • Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, Christmas trees)
  • Hazardous waste
  • Wood
  • Construction debris
  • Liquid paint
  • Tires
  • TVs & Monitors: We can no longer accept any TVs or monitors in the garbage collection or at our recycling facility. All TV’s and monitors must be taken to designated area at the landfill.
  • Automobile batteries*
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Used motor oil*
* Starred items may be dropped off for FREE at our Recycling Center (pictured below)