Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I get to start recycling?

We are in the process of developing the new recycling routes everywhere. Some areas have already begun recycling. We are beginning with the northern part of Davidson County first, and will work our way to everyone. You will be notified by the delivery of a green recycling bin in your yard with an informational sheet inside. We appreciate your patience as our routes are created.

If I don’t want to recycle, do I have to?

No. You do not have to recycle, but most towns in the near future will probably make it mandatory. It saves your town money and it saves the environment. All aluminum cans and plastic bottles have recently been banned in all North Carolina landfills.

Can you take shredded paper?

As long as it is in a CLEAR bag!!! If it is NOT bagged, we will not pick it up because it will become a problem when we try to dump it in our trucks. Also, the wind can easily pick it up and create a large mess in your yard.

Once recycling gets to my area, can I use a recycling bin I already own instead or along with the one you provide?

Yes, as long as it is clearly marked for recycling in at least 2-inch tall letters or a recycling symbol. We can provide stickers if you need them. Just call the office.

Can I get another container? We have a lot of recyclables.

Sure! Please call us at the office to request another container. If you can fill up to 3 of the small containers every week, please call the office for your options.

Does NDGS e-cycle?

As of June 1, 2011 it is against the law to put televisions and other electronics in the landfill. We can no longer accept any TVs or monitors in the garbage collection or at our recycling facility. All TV’s and monitors must be taken to designated area at the landfill. Our garbage trucks WILL NOT take them anymore. Our recycling center at 4157 Old US Highway 52 (new office location as well) accepts appliances or electronics at no charge to you. You may drop them off during our regular business hours. Please call our office before making the trip to ensure we can take the item.

Do you take plastic bags from the grocery store?


Do you take plastic lids from plastic bottles?


Do you take tin soup cans?


Do I need to remove the labels on plastic bottles?



Why is there a note on my bill that says “To prevent cancellation, pay promptly”?

Our policy for paying the bill was updated in November of 2011 and says your bill must be paid within 60 days the first bill was mailed to you or your account will be cancelled.

I was billed last month and then again the next month… why?

If you have received 2 bills in the past two months, then we haven’t received your payment. Our system continues to bill you each month we have not received payment for what is due.

I’ve signed up for recurring billing… why do I still get a bill in the mail?

You are more than welcome to change your billing preferences online at our payment portal. You need to sign up first if you haven’t already, using the access code and account number on your bill. Then you may change your preferences once logged in.

I’ve signed up for automatic bank draft… why do I still get a bill in the mail? 

You are more than welcome to change your billing preferences online at our payment portal. You need to sign up first if you haven’t already, using the access code and account number on your bill. Then you may change your preferences once logged in.

How can I sign up for e-billing? 

You are more than welcome to change your billing preferences online at our payment portal. You need to sign up first if you haven’t already, using the access code and account number on your bill. Then you may change your preferences once logged in.

I need to cancel my bank draft or recurring billing on my credit card. What do I do?

Please call us at your earliest convenience or write us a letter to cancel any automatic payment process you have signed up for. For us to cancel it, we’ll need to know before you are billed again so it will not automatically take it out. If you call after you have just received a bill to cancel your automatic payment, the automatic charge cannot be stopped before the payment date and will happen one last time as scheduled. If your bank account is closed or the credit card cancelled without our knowledge and we run our scheduled drafts, your account is subject to a $25.00 fee.


Do you still operate on Independence Day, Labor Day, New Year’s, Thanksgiving and Easter holidays?

Yes. Our service operates regular schedule these holidays. However, the office will be closed.

Do you still operate on Memorial Day?

Yes. Our service operates regular schedule these holidays and the office is also open.

Do you still operate on Christmas Day?

We do operate regular schedule if Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday. If the holiday happens to fall on a weekday, we are closed that day and we will push service back one day and will resume collection of recycling and waste the next day. This will result in a Saturday collection.

Why did they not pick up the TV or other large item I put out for collection?

If your large item was not picked up when it was put out, it is probably because we weren’t told by you to get it. Please call the office if you are going to have an item out that will not go in your garbage container. All TVs and monitors are banned in the landfill now, so they cannot go in our regular trucks. We have also recently decided to no longer accept them at our facility. If you have an old TV or monitor you wish to discard, you must take the item to the designated area at the Davidson County Landfill. We can schedule a ‘special’ pick up for any large items or electronics for a small fee, unless you would like to bring them to our facility for FREE.

Why did they leave the extra trash I put out for pick up?

Your service includes the collection of 98 gallons, the size of the container that you are provided. If you have a few bags extra one week, please call the office and let us know. We’ll be glad to pick it up, we just ask that you schedule it with us. If you are going to have more than 2 extra bags, maybe some furniture or other items, an extra charge may need to be applied to your account. You must call the office and let us know so we can make arrangements for collection.

Why did my recycling get picked up but my garbage didn’t?

There are 2 trucks that come by if recycling has started in your area. They come by at different times and most of the time the recycling truck will come through first.

Why did they leave my yard waste?

It is considered a fire hazard to put any yard waste in our trucks, therefore we cannot collect it at all. You may call TODCO to help you find a place for your yard waste.

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